Title: Reducing the prevalence of ASD in children by modulating the expecting mothers Immune System and Metabolic errors such as allergies.

Author: Dr. Bernard Straile, BS, DC ( CAM clinician, Bioinformatics researcher)

The prevalence of ASD is now one out of 68 children and one out of 46 boys. The cost of having a child on the Spectrum is significant, both emotionally and financially for the parents and for society in providing special services etc.

A discussion has raged for decades now on what causes Autism and how to deal with it. ASD appears to manifest between 2 and 4 years of age. The discussion has been very subjective even though science is often quoted in the justification of viewpoints. Many mothers have observed their children to have changed right after receiving a vaccination. The medical establishment vehemently denies any connection. And there are other triggers being argued about. A solution is not available.

It is becoming more and more apparent, that epigenetic factors are triggering ASD. And there are many epigenetic factors involved. These epigenetic glitches are causing metabolic errors, which in return cause allergies and inflammation of all categories. Parallel there are chronic infections present which don’t register in the common diagnostic testing available. These infections of the variety of PANDA for example cannot necessarily be successfully treated with antibiotics.

I have discovered and formulated in my SHOW Technique, a bioenergetic method to address allergies and chronic infections with informational therapy, harmonizing epigenetic function and modulating Immune function through bio informational feedback protocols. A bioinformational desensitization of the genome if you will. If applied before the child is exposed to triggers such as vaccines, antibiotics and other environmental triggers, the incident of a reaction to an allergen which then triggers ASD is significantly reduced. Because these changes are heritable, starting the procedures early, prenatal, with the mother in particular, increases the success rate.

This low cost, bio-energetic feedback method, as a preventative measure has been observed in clinic to greatly reduce the incidence of ASD.



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