Title: Balancing cholesterol through wearable technology

Imagine a world without side effects and lifelong popping of expensive medications, but a smart bioenergetics solution which gives you a bracelet, imprinted with bio-information for the body on how to down regulate cholesterol, permanently.

We have observed a novel approach of contacting the body with a particular set of subtle frequencies through a wearable bracelet or chip, which can consistently lower total cholesterol levels. The timeframe of wearing the bracelet holding the bioenergetics information is between 3 – 6 months and the result is usually permanent.

A pilot study within our clinic showed a reduction of total cholesterol between 29 and 50 points in up to 7 months. And those improvements were holding 12 months later.

The bio-information chip was worn directly on the body around the solar plexus region.

The exact mechanism of this beneficial effect is not known, but we are speculating that the epigenetic modulation effect of the bio-information chip down regulates the expression of the HMG-reductase enzyme, resulting in lower plasma cholesterol levels.

Total cholesterol levels in the plasma are measured with standard blood tests and are inexpensive.

This study is not for people with severe hypercholesterolemia, but mild and moderate cases. And it is for people willing to work on a healthy diet and striving for a basic healthy lifestyle.



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